Our Process

Lignovations’ patented process unlocks the natural properties of Lignin by turning it into powerful Colloidal Lignin Particles while preserving its natural structure.

Our purely physical process works without harmful chemicals, allowing a truly sustainable production.


Patent promotion video of TU Wien @ YouTube

Vidoe about Colloidal Lignin particles from the Biorefinery Pilot Plant at TU Wien (in German, produced by FCIO – Fachverband der Chemischen Industrie Österreichs) @ YouTube

Our Product

Colloidal Lignin Particles are a natural and sustainable alternative to conventional ingredients in a wide range of high-value applications.


  • Made from renewable biomass
  • Multifunctional & high performance
  • High purity & sulfur-free material
  • Clean production process
  • Biodegradable

Let's accelerate the transition to a circular economy together!

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