Colloidal lignin – the natural alternative to synthetic ingredients

Many everyday products contain chemical ingredients that provide them with special properties. This includes e.g. UV-blocker in paints and coatings as well as in sunscreens. These chemical ingredients can have negative effects on humans and environment. Some chemical UV-blockers in sunscreens for instance cause coral bleaching, i.e. the bleaching and death of corals. Moreover, those UV-blockers have an endocrine effect and can thus affect humans and animals. Therefore, more and more of these chemical ingredients in e.g. paints/coatings and sunscreens are prohibited by legal regulations. This is why industry is forced to find sustainable alternatives to those conventional synthetic ingredients. 

This alternative is Lignin. It is a constituent of lignified biomass that gives mechanical stability to the plant and additionaly protects it from UV-radiation, oxidative, radical and biocidal attacks. These natural properties of Lignin are even enhanced if it is transformed into small sized particles like our Lignovations Colloidal Lignin Particles.

Lignovations Colloidal Lignin Particles
  • can act as UV booster, antioxidant, biocide, emulsifier, drug carrier
  • are a natural and sustainable alternative to ecologically problematic ingredients
  • are multifunctional, sulfur-free biomaterial particles
  • are extracted from woody residual biomass
  • are additionally suitable as a physical emulsifier and active agent carrier
  • are biodegradable
  • are produced by us in an environmentally friendly, efficient production process – easily scalable
  • have a high raw material variability: they can be produced from all types of wood to woody biomass – e.g. from agriculture and forestry, garden centers, food production
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Level of innovation:

  • sustainable production process, without problematic auxiliary substances; smart process design without multiple precipitation – global novelty!
  • protected by patents

Target groups:

  • cosmetics (COSMOS, NATRUE compliant), food, pharmaceutical, packaging, textile, dye, paint and coating industry
  • manufacturers of ingredients for these industries
  • companies and organisations with biomass residues
  • plant engineering

Patent promotion video of TU Wien @ YouTube

Vidoe about Colloidal Lignin particles from the Biorefinery Pilot Plant at TU Wien (in German, produced by FCIO – Fachverband der Chemischen Industrie Österreichs) @ YouTube

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