Lignovations develops high-performance ingredients from biomass.

What if we could make consumer products more sustainable by using nature’s ingenuity? That question led us to invent a revolutionary way of creating bio-based functional ingredients.

No harmful chemicals, no health concerns, and no danger to the environment. Our technology is uniquely clean and powerful.


We are engineers, so we use scientific principles to reach our goals. Thousands of hours of development work in the lab have culminated in our unique and internationally patented technology.

Our production process works without harmful chemicals using the laws of physics to transform our biomass raw material into powerful functional ingredients.

We are the first company in the world able to produce Colloidal Lignin Particles for high-value applications at scale.


Because of the way we process lignin, we can use almost any lignin source and transform it into functional ingredients. We source our Lignin from modern biorefineries that use responsibly sourced biomass, such as agricultural waste or wood residues from FSC certified forests. We have also worked with lignin from wheat straw, nutshells, hemp and many other feedstocks.


Unlocking the use of lignin in high-value applications enables the industry to make a positive contribution towards solving major environmental problems.

Every day, over 10 million barrels of oil are used as (non-energy) feedstock for cosmetics, plastics, paper, textiles and other chemicals.

Imagine if we could use Lignin from this waste in consumer products instead.

14,000 tons of sunscreen wash into marine ecosystems every year, with the contained UV filters damaging marine life.

Imagine if we could use Lignin to replace these harmful sunscreen UV filters.


Functional ingredients from lignin are a breakthrough innovation. We closely support you with our know-how along the entire product development process.