Lignin – Our Resource


Natural Origin

Lignin is a constituent of terrestrial biomass that gives plants mechanical stability and protects them from UV-radiation, oxidative, radical and biocidal attacks.

Lignin is an abundant and renewable resource that can be extracted from agricultural and forestry waste streams.

Raw Lignin

Lignin that has been extracted from the biomass with high purity is called ‘Raw Lignin’. By transforming this native Lignin into very small particles, we can enhance the properties of Lignin and make them usable as functional ingredients in end products.


Our Colloidal Lignin Particles can replace many conventional additives including:

  • UV Filters & Stabilizers
  • Antioxidants
  • Emulsifiers
  • Antimicrobials

Reach out to explore how to improve your products with Colloidal Lingin Particles.

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